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Airflow Pattern Test
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The purpose of the airflow parallelism test is to show the actual airflow pattern throughout the unidirectional cleanroom. It can also be used to demonstrate the effects on airflow caused by equipment. This test should be performed after all airflow velocity and uniformity tests and room pressurization tests have been performed. Determining the airflow patterns within a room is performed using various mediums which include the following non contaminating items; smoke, vapor source or streamers of thread or string.

SRSE Cleanroom Technologies Hyderabad performs Cleanroom visualization for customers to monitor airflow characteristics in cleanrooms and other spaces. This visual monitoring service is important in:

• Cleanroom laminar flow tests
• Airflow balancing
• Wet bench exhaust optimization
• Chemical process equipment ventilation tests
• Personnel safety exhaust verification
• Pressure balancing between rooms and spaces
• Leak detection in ducts

Visualisation is carried out by using the portable Visible Vapor Generator and taking Video Graph