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Air Showers

SRSE Air Showers or Cross Contamination Barriers for Man movement are designed for quickly and effectively removing particles so that they will not to be carried into a cleanroom. These air showers feature rugged construction and adjustable, high velocity air jets nozzles.


Up to Class 100 : Work Area Work area can redesigned up to class 100 as per ISO 14644

Two Stage Filtration: Equipped with H14 HEPA filter and washable type F7 pre-filter

Compact Design: The entire unit is designed in a compact area with 100% Air recirculation

Adjustable SS Nozzles Air nozzles on top and sides with high air velocity to avoid grey areas

Push Button : Push Buttons to control easy operation of the unit

Digital Differential Pressure Gauge with Alarm : It indicates the filter condition and alarm is raised

User Friendly Control System : Unit can be run by a single click

LED Light: Lighting at 500 Lux in the area ensures good visibility

Sliding Doors Ease of operations

Smart Control System Operating modes can be programmed in the field as per requirement


Air Cleanliness : Class 100

Material of Construction : GI Powder Coated or Stainless Steel 304 (Optional: SS 316)

Main Filter : Mini pleat HEPA, Class: H14

Pre Filter : Closed Pleated Filter, Class: F7

Filter Efficiency : HEPA 99.997% at 0.3 pm Pre Filter 90% at 5 pm

Noise (dB) 67 + 2

Lighting (Lux) >500