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Dynamic Pass Boxes

SRSE makes Dynamic Pass Boxes meeting the customer specific requirement and to the world class standards. Dynamic Pass Boxes or Cross Contamination Barriers are used to transfer material from an area with high level of cleanliness to a lower of cleanliness or vice-versa. Dynamic pass boxes are also used to transfer materials from an uncontrolled area to a controlled areal Dynamic Pass Boxes area designed to maintain cleanliness of Class 100.


Class Work Area Class work area as per ISO 14644

Two Stage Filtration Equipped with H14 HEPA filter and washable type F7 pre-filters


Compact Design : The entire unit is designed in very less area

Feather Touch : Switches Feather touch switches to control easy operation of the unit

Digital Differential Pressure Gauge with Alarm : It indicates the filter life and alarm is raised when chocked

User Friendly Control System : Unit can be run in single click

Fluorescent Light : 500 Lux flow in the area ensures good visibility

PVC Curtains: PVC Curtains of suitable length will be provided

UV Light with Hour Meter : UV light to reduce microbial load bacteria along with its time totlaliser (life indicator) for timely replacements