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Laminar Airflow Workstations
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SRSE Laminar airflow work stations create Clean areas supplied with a continuous flow of clean air to maintain a work environment that is free from dirt, particles and toxic or noxious fumes. SRSC provides an ISO Class 5 clean work area for laboratory application, microscopes, pipetting, compounding and filling of sterile drug preparations, IV admixture, electronic testing, manufacturing or inspections.

SRSE Laminar Airflow Workstation (LAF) or Laminar Air Flow Unit (LAFU) are designed to provide a HEPA filtered clean air working environment for research and manufacturing to other fields where microbes need to be avoided.

Class Work Area
Class work area as per ISO 14644

Two Stage Filtration Equipped with H14 HEPA fitter and washable type F7 pre-filter

Compact Design The entire unit is designed in very less area

Feather Touch Switches Feather touch easy to operate and ease of operation

Digital Differential Pressure Gauge with Alarm It indicates the effectiveness and functioning of filter and alarm is raised when choked

User Friendly Control System Unit can be run by single click

Fluorescent Light 500 Lux flow in the area ensures good visibility

UV Light with Hour Meter UV light to reduce microbial load bacteria along with its time totlaliser (life indicator) for timely replacements.

Internal Auxiliary Sockets and Gas Cocks Aux sockets and Gas Cocks to supply power and gas for additional equipment inside the work area