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Garment Storage Cabinet

SRSE Garment storage Cabinets are designed to provide the ultimate solution for garments storage needs while maintaining the cleanliness of controlled cleanroom environment.

SRSE Garment Storage Cabinets provide highest degree of safety for both the personnel and thereby for the products.


Class 100 Work Area Class 100 work area as per ISO 14644

Two Stage Filtration - Equipped with H14 HEPA filter WITH 10x filtration efficiency of HEPA filter

Equipped with F7 pre filter of 95% efficiency for suction


90% Air recirculation

Compact Design - Enables garments to be stored in a visible and organized manner.

- Sliding glass door

- Easy installation & portable

Adjustable shelves: Shelves are smooth for easy clean-ability

Feather touch switches to control easy operation of the unit

User Friendly Control System Unit can be run in single click

Digital Differential Pressure Gauge with Alarm It indicates the fitter life and alarm is raised when chocked

Fluorescent Light Light intensity at 500 Lux flow in the area ensures good visibility

UV Light with Hour Meter UV light to reduce microbial load along with Time totalser for timely replacements,


Air Cleanliness Class 100

Velocity 90 FPM ± 20%

Filter Efficiency HEPA 99.997% at 0.3 pm Pre Filter 95% at 5 pm

Material of Construction Exterior: Powder Oated SS 304 (Optional: SS 316)

Main Filter : Mini pleat HEPA, Class: H14

Pre Filter Pre Filter, Class: F7

Noise (dB) 67 + 2

Lighting (Lux) >500